Current, Voltage and shunt converters based on Hall-Effect tecnhology for measuring applications (5A - 500A; 6400 V). Hall-Effect measuring Clamp-Ons for AC,DC and pulse current up to 20 Khz

LEM is a true leader in the design and manufacture of current & voltage transducers. LEM offer various technologies including hall effect & fluxgate with a wide range of products to suit all requirements for voltage and current measurement.

LEM - Current transducers With more than 2500 current and voltage transducers in LEM's range, LEM offers a complete range of accurate, reliable and galvanically isolated devices for the measurement of currents from 0.25A to 10,000A and voltage from 10V to 6400V, in various technologies, open loop, closed loop and the new ETa technology. LEM Transducers are designed according to the most demanding international standards and carry CE markings, UL or UR listing is also available on selected models.

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European and world leader in :
[AC] - Inverters for Asynchronous Motors
[AC] - Inverters for AC Sensorless/Sense Coil Motors
[AC] - Dual Traction AC Motors Controllers (+ DC pump)
[BL] - Brushless AC & DC Motor Controllers
[EPS] - Electric Power Steering
[PM] - Permanent Magnet Motor Controllers
[H] - Series Wound Motor Controllers
[H] - Series Pump Motor Controllers
[SEM] - Separately Excited Motor Controllers
[PM, H, SEM] - Dual Traction PM, Series and SEM Motors Controllers


Wide range of products covering the following areas : Material Handling, Wind MIlls, GSE + Tow Tractors, Cleaning, Air Platforms, Elechtric Veichles and Golf Cars, Lawn Movers, Hybrid Vehichles, covering customers all over the world


Design and manufacture of electronic control equipment for electric vehicles. Repair on ZAPI s.p.a. specifications of electronic control equipment manufactured by ZAPI s.p.a. manufacture and sale of the related spare parts. Trade of electronic components for electric vehicles. Telephone technical support.


Thanks to constant diligence, and devoted research into the planning and the innovation of high technology devices, Zivan have become a leader in battery chargers field, with a range of “switching” battery chargers that is the most complete and flexible on the market. Since 1983, when the Patent “Zanichelli-Righi” of the first high frequency controlled battery charger was registered, Zivan has reached high levels of quality and reliability recognized and rewarded with a worldwide success which is constantly rising. Every Zivan product is planned inside the Company. This guarantees efficiency, safety, flexibility, in other words, the complete Quality (UNI EN ISO 9001). Zivan's Customer list contains many of the world’s major manufacturers of electric vehicles, for which we provide a service of planning and advice to satisfy all of their requirements: Customisation of Battery charger with private label,Custom-made products with the power required. .


Project & Production of motors and electric pump A.C. & D.C. for fork-lift truck and electric vehicles Power from 350 W to 30KW insulation class "H" (180 C) Range of products: • T traction motors for trucks • Electric pumps for fork-lift and steering • Geared motors in permanent magnets • S.E.M. motors for electric vehicles • S.E.M. motors for boat • Motors with thermal and brush wear sensor • Motors with foot mounting and electrobrake • Prototypes projected on customer specifications


Full range of Contactors for DC current (6000 A - 1550V)- Power copper resistors (up to 18 MW) for AC/DC electro-motors control -Standard and differential relays for electro-motor protection


For 60 years Microelettrica Scientifica has been designing, developing and producing, in full autonomy, contactors, protection relays and resistors dedicated to the most advanced and demanding applications of railway transportation, urban mobility and industry. Acknowledged and esteemed all over the world, Microelettrica Scientifica’s product quality results from continuous research, realized in close cooperation with its customers in order to precisely and punctually meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs. Since 2005 Microelettrica Scientifica is part of Knorr-Bremse Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of braking systems for rail and commercial vehicles.


Wide range of power restitors to meet any application


Every designer that works with electronic components knows well integration system, reliability and custom products problems, ATE solves these problems since 1970 producing power resistors with high quality and technology.ATE pays attention to all Customers enquiries giving the best solution and warranty at low cost and fast delivery.

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The Company Sir Società Italiana Resistor is an independent Italian company that operates in the Italian and European Market since 1970. Sir produces fixed and variable power resistors in most of the existing technologies and it is known both for its innovative design and for its qualified production. The Distributors network of Sir is a reliable partner to meet the customers inquiry all over the world. Production covers a wide range of products as :
Axial resistors
Aluminium case resistors
Vitrified resistors
Cemented resistors

Breaking resisistors
High Power Wire wound resistors
Grid resisistors
Resistor groups

Other Wire wound resistors
Stainless steel case resistors
Special Resistors


Wide range of power ceramic and polyester insultors to meet any application


META insulators are manufactured using a polester material, reinforced with glass fibres, having exceptional electrical and mechanical performances. The polyester material, that has been used, is classified with a grade of self-extinguishing V0 in conformity with the Norm Nema UL894

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ISOLEX acts since 1996 as manufacturer of components for electric equipments, mainly intended for railways, tramways, undergrounds and generally for any type of electric vehicle. Customers of ISOLEX are the main manufacturers of equipments for the railways companies all over the world. Breaking resistors, contactors, switches, converters are only some examples of apparatus where our products are used. The range of ISOLEX products includes ceramic bearing insulators, epoxy bearing insulators, bushing insulators, micro switches and wire wound resistors. ISOLEX fulfils the requirements of Standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by TÜV THÜRINGEN.
The range of ISOLEX products includes: Ceramic and epoxy bearing insulators, in compliance with the strictest electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements of railway Standards. Bushing insulators , produced with several thermosetting resins and terminals according to customer’s requirements. Microswitches, suitable to operate with the maximum reliability under vibrations and designed for a range 10mA - 16 A and 12 V - 220 V AC DC. Wire wound resistors, fit for any kind of use both for industry and traction application.



Kendeil Group is one of leading producers of power electronic components for all high-power inverter applications, such as wind and solar power, industrial motor drives, UPS, battery chargers and aluminum foil for electrolytic capacitors (Satma ppc brand).

Kendeil is an italian factory with over 35 years of experience in manufacturing high quality large can aluminium electrolytic capacitors and power film capacitors. Actual production range spreads from large can screw terminaI type capacitors with high end performances to snap in terminaI type capacitors mainly used on pcb boards, and to the motor start type for alternate current applications. A continuous improvement in building technology and automatic computerized machines gives the company a leading role in the market of electronics components, along with competitive priced products and reliability performances. Also the flexibility of its structure is able to meet any custom design requirement. All capacitors are international standards compliants CECC, DIN, IEC, under a Quality Certification ISO 9001 System.

Metallized Polypropylene D.C. link Capacitors Databook 2014  


Wide range of power ceramic and polyester insultors to meet any application


FER Strumenti S.r.l is a company specialized in flue gas analyzers and accessories manufacturing for both continuous emission monitoring and for combustion optimization. The headquarters is located in Seregno - 20 km north of Milan - and here all functions reporting to the CEO are located.
Established on 1 January 1998 as a buyout of the Instrumentation Division of Ceramica Industriale Fer Srl - active since 1984 in oxygen analyzers design and manufacturing, which developed an advanced NDIR gas analyzer in 1997 -, acquired in a short time a leading position in both national and international market, specializing in the creation of several kinds of instruments: among these, in situ analyzers, zirconium oxide cell-based (selfproduced) extractive analyzers and extractive multigas infrared equipment. Thanks to the strong synergy between all its units, the company now offers a wide range of products and services: tailor made design, spare parts production and system maintenance support. The technical department has extensive experience in the creation of any kind of complex system, which is custom-designed following the specifications provided by the customer in accordance with Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX). All manufacturing resources have extensive experience in O2 measurement even in the most problematic conditions, such as gas flow, presence of aggressive gases, large amounts of particulate and dissolved salts. The efficiency of the after-sales service ensures a long operating life and constant assistance to our equipment and a prompt delivery of spare parts to the customer.


Industrial Load Cells and industrial load weight measurement
Load Cells
Instrumentation Dinamometers
Moving Weight Load Instruments
Life Safety Systems


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